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Congratulations! You have just had a brand sparkling new baby! The nights are long, and the days are short, and you are just starting to settle in. Now you want to capture all those gorgeous newborn features so where do you start and what does this entail? Every mom wants to capture their newborn baby. Those tiny eyelashes, teensy toes and squishy cheeks. If you are reading this blog post your search has brought you here to me! Yay! I’m so excited to have you! This blog will explain the basics of what you should expect if you book your newborn session with me. Please note that all photographers have their own workflow and may do things differently (and that is ok! We all have something different to offer). Now, let’s begin!

Newborn baby in basket

Securing your session: First, you will pay a deposit to secure your newborn’s session. These take anywhere from 2 to 5 hours. Your deposit secures your photographers time and use of all the wonderful things in the studio. Newborn sessions are best booked when baby is between 5 and 28 days old. This is the time your baby is the sleepiest and most posable. Babies are born very flexible, but this doesn’t last long. Sometimes I will take on older babies. I do not always promise they will be able to do the super flexed poses because if your baby tells me they are uncomfortable in a certain position it is my job to listen to them. Timing is important!

Newborn baby pictures wrapped

What to bring: This one is simple! Bring that gorgeous baby! Bring plenty of diapers, wipes, formula or of course yourself if you are nursing, please don’t hesitate to nurse your baby in the studio. I love asking parents to bring any special items or heirloom items that make your session more special. Did granny crochet a blanket you love? Dad’s baseball glove? Mom’s teddy? Angel sibling remembrance? Bring it! I welcome your special items that help personalize your session! Parents and siblings are welcome to join for photos. The best colors are usually neutrals- Black, gray, white, tan- but if you are a lover of color wear your colors! Coordination is important but mixing prints and solids is suggested for more than 3 people. Try to keep it simple, wear things that make you feel great and you have worn before.

Newborn family pictures

Arriving at the studio: When you arrive, baby will need to be fed and changed. Then baby is dressed in their session outfit and swaddled. This will usually put baby in a good deep sleep to get those posed shots. Baby will be in a bucket, on a bed, basket, wrapped and unwrapped if they will tolerate the posing and transferring (going from one setup to another). This can take time. Totally normal! There are lots of breaks for nursing if needed, cuddling if needed and changes if needed. We want your baby to be as comfortable and soothed as possible. Sometimes the first 30 or so minutes is just soothing baby and this is perfectly normal!

Newborn baby family pictures

Session time!: Time to start taking your lasting heirloom images! Posing variations include wrapped on a fur, wrapped in a bucket, wrapped on a bed, wrapped with mom and dad, unwrapped outfit bed, unwrapped outfit/no outfit bucket, outfit/no outfit posed and siblings posed, parents posed, lifestyle parents lightly posed (WHEW) so many poses! I give my clients the best! Variety in everything so long as baby approves! We start wrapped and unwrap as we go. If we have siblings in studio depending on how much settling in time they need I will do sibling shots first. Family will either follow or be last. Parent shots are reserved for last as I wrap baby again and pose with mom and dad. If baby goes into deep sleep and some posed were unsettled this is the last hoorah and we try those again. Once finished you will get to dress, nurse and cuddle your baby before departure.

Ordering: Gallery images are selected online from a proofing gallery. This gallery will include all of the images your photographer has selected as a viable edit image. You will also select a print and digital package if both are desired. Print items are shipped directly to you for easy ordering!

Here at Tiffany Moonbeam Photography, we understand picking the right newborn photographer for you takes time and research. Every artist has something different to offer. Whether you are a first-time mom, looking for something unique or looking for something luxurious. I have a range of options to specifically tailor a session to suite your needs. I hope to hear from you soon! Thank you for reading my blog. To contact email at or call at (928)751-8292

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